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Dunaire Elementary School

Located in Stone Mountain, Dekalb, Georgia, USA, this Title 1 School caters to a relatively high refugee population, with a current student population of  79% - Black, 8% - Asian, 5% - Hispanic. 4% - White and 4% - Other.

Joytown Learning Center

Basic School making inroads in early childhood education in Trench Town, a community where not many such schools exist.

Image by Zach Vessels

Operation Restoration Christian School

‘Operation Restoration’ is a Christian non-profit organization founded in West Palm Beach, Florida, in 1988 by Lorna Archer -Stanley. ‘Operation Restoration Centre’ was established in Rema, Trench Town in September 1994 in an attempt to help alleviate the violence, poverty, and political conflict which exist in these inner-city communities. After operating an after-school programme for two-and-a half years the Operation Restoration Christian School (ORCS) was established.


Jacob’s Well Basic School

 This school, located in the district of Salt March in the North Coast parish of Trelawny, provides early childhood education for about 50 children under 6 years of age, most of whom live in the communities of Northern Trelawny.


Maranatha Basic School

This school, located in the inner-city community of Waterhouse, near downtown Kingston, provides early childhood education for about 65 children under 6 years of age.