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Joytown Learning Center

About Joy Town Basic School

When was the school founded?
Joy Town Learning Centre was founded on 5th September 1994 by Leadership of Joy Town Covenant Community Church and a then member of the Church Lorna Stanley.

What’s the number of students, faculty, and staff currently?
Currently, there are 112 children enrolled with 7 teachers and 1 trainee, 2 kitchen staff, 1 caretaker/gateman and 1 part-time bursar/administrator.

What are the age ranges of the students attending? 
The children are 2+ to 6 years old. Joytown prepares them to enter Grade One at the Primary School level.

What type, if any, of extra-curricular activities are offered at the school?
In the past we had music, swimming and dance but due to financial constraint these had to be discontinued.

Do most of the children leaving Joy Town go on to Primary school?
Yes, all our graduates attend either Primary School or private Preparatory Schools.

Principal and Vice Principal
The Principal is Mrs. Jennifer Wilmot who has over thirty-five years of experience in the Early Childhood Education of the Ministry of Education of Jamaica. She has been married for 30 years, and has mothered several children with two of her own. She has functioned as the founding Principal of the school since 1994, without a break, and has contributed to the founding of two other schools in the community. Currently, Joytown does not have a vice-principal but, the school Board is currently accepting applications from amongst the teachers for a Lead Teacher to fill this role.

Success Stories



This young lady is a past student of Joy Town and is now attending Holy Trinity High School. This high School is a traditional high school.




This young man was a “Don” in training. Prior to attending ORCS he would be on the street at night doing what “Dons” do. He also had problems with two letter words and was not allowed to attend regular public school due to behavior problems. ORCS now have this young man reading and writing at a much higher level to a point that he no longer roams the streets. He is now into church and is definitely a success story.