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Maranatha Basic School

A Basic School providing early childhood education in the inner-city community of Waterhouse, St. Andrew, Jamaica.

About Maranatha Basic School

What’s the name of the school?
Maranatha Basic School (Maranatha).

When was the school founded?
Maranatha Basic School which was established in September, 1998.

What communities does the school support?
The school support the inner-city communities of communities of Waterhouse and Towel Hill, St. Andrew, Jamaica.

What are the number of students, faculty, and staff currently?
The school has 85 students enrolled, and 10 staff members (teachers and ancillary).

What is the current mix of female and male students?
The school has 41 boys and 43 girls attending the school.

What are the age ranges of the students attending the school and to what grade level education does the school offer?
The school offers early childhood education for children from the age of 1 year and 8 months to 6 years of age.

What extra-curricular activities are offered at the school?
Students are taught Spanish as an extra-curricular activity.

Do the students pay school fees, and if so what is the current school fee?
The school fee is JA$5,000.00 (approx. US$40.00) per term (3 terms in a school year), and offers full tuition scholarships to needy students.

Do most of the children leaving Maranatha Basic School go on to Primary school?
Typically, all our graduates go on to attend Primary School at age 6 years.

Who are the Principal and Vice Principal?
The school's Principal and Vice Principal are Mrs Arlene Leslie-Bernard and Miss Tamara Curchar, respectively. The following link provides more information on Mrs. Bernard.

Our Support to Maranatha

  • Fund a percentage of the school's operating budget

  • Provide meals and tuition fees to students

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