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Jacob’s Well Basic School

About Jacob's Well Basic School

When was the school founded?
The Salt Marsh Basic School was founded approximately forty years ago by Mrs. Lourie Neish. She operated the school from the basement of her home for about twenty years before acquiring an acre of land donated by Orange Valley Estates, adjacent to Jacob’s Well Church. The church and Mrs. Neish had a good relationship and when she got to the age of retirement she turned the school over to the church in 2008.

What communities does the school support?
The school, an outreach program for the Jacob’s Well Church, accepts students from Northern Trelawny communities.

What are the number of students, faculty, and staff currently?
There are 65 students currently enrolled.

What are the age ranges of the students attending the school and to what grade level education does the school offer?
Students range from 2 to 6 year olds.

Do the students pay school fees, and if so what is the current school fee?
Jacob’s Well Basic School (Jacob's Well) is a non-government institution that relies solely on the fees paid by parents and the generosity of well-wishers. The school provides free transportation and a hot, nutritious lunch for the children, while keeping school fees at a nominal rate. However, due to rising operational costs the administration has been forced to charge US$1.20 for lunch

Do most of the children leaving Jacob’s Well go on to Primary school?
Yes, all of our graduates go on to attend either Primary or Preparatory Schools.

Who is the Principal?
The principal, who has worked at Jacob’s Well for 9 years, is Aretha Smith.

Our Support to Jacob's Well

  • Fund a percentage of the school's operating budget

  • Provide meals and tuition fees to students

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