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Our Donors Visit the Schools

Back in October 2019 a small group of donors went on the first Integrity Children’s Fund Donor Trip. They returned wanting to repeat their experience.

It had come to our attention that particularly for Operation Restoration Christian School (ORCS) there is a need for a makeover. There is also a financial need to complete the school’s second story that has remained incomplete for years. Students have been turned away because they do not have the accommodation. With that in mind a goal has been set to raise funds to help them complete that well needed second story.

It was expected that a return trip would have happened in 2020. As we all know 2020 changed many expectations worldwide. Now finally we are able to move forward with a planned Donor Trip for 2023. A part of Donor Trip 2023 will include doing some projects to help with the ORCS makeover. In addition, we also plan to visit Joy Town Basic, Maranatha Basic, and Jacob’s Well Basic to checkup on the welfare of the students and staff.

To register to attend the Integrity Children's Fund Donor Trip 2023, please:Click Here to Register to Attend

Click here to view photos from the visit.

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